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PAIRS Mission Statement

For more than a quarter century, the mission PAIRS has been to teach those attitudes, emotional understandings and behaviors that nurture and sustain healthy relationships and to make this knowledge broadly available on behalf of a safer, saner, more loving world.

Throughout our history, the non-profit PAIRS Foundation has been helping men and women of all ages, background and stages of relationships discover practical knowledge and usable skills to create stronger marriages and families.  PAIRS classes deliver usable tools that empower participants to build relationships that are an ongoing source of love, pleasure, happiness and fulfillment.  For our earliest days, the goal of PAIRS has been to improve the lives of children by helping their parents create happy, stable, loving relationships.

PAIRS Essentials is a weekend workshop designed for committed couples and others seeking marital enrichment.  From the heart of intimacy, constructive conflict and emotional literacy, PAIRS Essentials delivers practical skills for confiding and deepening empathy, understanding and compassion; and usable tools for avoiding power struggles, resolving conflicts and dealing with differences on behalf of lasting love and successful relationships PAIRS FOR LIFE is a once-a-month course that includes the contents of PAIRS Essentials along with additional tools for safely expressing the range of emotions and expanded exercises for dealing constructively with conflict and uncovering the common hidden assumptions and expectations that most often sabotage love relationships. Classes will begin and end on time.  Sharing is at the comfort of participants.  PAIRS is not intended as therapy or treatment.  PAIRS is an educational illuminating and often humorous experience.  PAIRS is a private and personal experience for each participant within their relationship.  All remarks made by all participants are confidential.


PAIRS Essentials



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